Hi, I'm Brad.

Happy 21st Birthday Bradley W. Dutton

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What did he drink?

 Prairie Fire  Not a pleasant way to start off the night.
 Lemon Drop  A little sweetness to put out the fire
 Blow Job  Brad couldn't fit his mouth around the glass. : )
 Purple Hooter  First drink at Cantina. Far from the last.
 Oakland Raider  Roy's drink, not sure what was in it but it looked gross.
 Three Wise Men  Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, and Jim Beam
 Black Death(w/ Pepper)  Yuck!
 Kamikazee  Ned's Favorite
 Stoplight  Ready, Set, GO!
 The Fuckin' Bradley  Jaegermeister, 151, Vodka, Tobasco, and Love.
 Alaskan Oil Spill  A little Alaskan culture courtesy of James.
 Chocolate Swirl  The only way we could get Brad to take a Cement Mixer.

Who was there to see it?

 Party Members
 Ryan McGredy  Trevor Benson
 Charlie Gilmour  Erik Ridley
 Jon Oldenburg  Roy Nesari
 Jason Hayes  Heather
 Josh Chung  Scott Burton
 Ned Dochterman  James Cannava