Home Price (dollars)
Down Payment (dollars)
Loan Length (years)
Loan Interest Rate (percent)
Property Tax Rate (percent)
Income Tax Rate (percent)
Yearly Insurance (dollars)
HOA (dollars)
Household Income (dollars)
Yearly 401k Contribution (dollars)
DTI ratio (percent)
Basic Loan Info
Home Price 600,000.00
Loan Amount 480,000.00
Interest Rate % @Years 4@30
Pct Down 20.00
Monthly Payment 2,291.59
Interest Only Payment 1,600.00
Yearly Property Tax at 1.25% 7,500.00
Total Property Tax at 1.25% 225,000.00
Total Interest Paid 344,973.63
Total Repaid 824,973.63
Insurance 63,000.00
Tax Refund at 28% (96,592.62)
Total Spent 1,016,381.01
Out of Pocket 1,112,973.63
Out of Pocket Monthly 3,091.59
Real™ Monthly Payment 2,823.28
Monthly Principal 1,333.33
Yearly Income for DTI 132,496.86